W/O Jungle Adventure Audio Escape Game - English Version
W/O Jungle Adventure Audio Escape Game - English Version
  • Lade das Bild in den Galerie-Viewer, W/O Jungle Adventure Audio Escape Game - English Version
  • Lade das Bild in den Galerie-Viewer, W/O Jungle Adventure Audio Escape Game - English Version

W/O Jungle Adventure Audio Escape Game - English Version

Wilson & Oskar
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This is the English version. For the German version, please see this page.

A whole new experience! Put on your shoes, get out of the house and straight into the (audio) jungle! This is an escape game experience for remote teams - without any screentime.

Take your team on an adventure using their imagination - every participants starts at their doorstep. As a team you solve riddles and challenges and you make decisions. All with the one goal of escaping the (audio) jungle!

 Captivating story
 Gets you moving
 A whole new teambuilding experience
 No screens involved - it's all acoustic

This game was developed based on a joint research project with the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences. The goal was to create three benefits:

✓ Counter screen fatigue
Involve physical movement 
✓ Create a strong sense for the other team members

Game & Roles

The entire event is audio-based.

The moderator is appointed ahead of the event and sets up a Zoom/Teams/Webex-conference, guides the participants through the event, reads the narration and the challenges and takes the time.

The participants dial in via phone (no video calls) and leave their (home) office to be able to walk around. No equipment is required.

During the event, the participants receive different challenges and tasks from the moderator and have to solve riddles, coordinate and make decisions.

Recommended participants: 4-12

Duration of event: 60-90 Minuten

Preparation time for participants: ca. 15 Minuten

Preparation time for moderator: ca. 60 Minuten

The materials contain:

 Complete end to end manual including moderator instructions
 All riddles and materials
Checklist for participants
Checklist for moderator
Tipps & tricks for a professional moderation


Team Building as Download: An adventure for you and your team.

Download - invite your team - experience your adventure: 

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Do you have any questions? Drop us a message in the chat or send us an email to orders@wilsonandoskar.com - we'll get right back to you, usually on the same day :).

You'd like to book a professional moderato for your event?

You can easily book one of our moderators that will also handle setting up the conference call and the other admin tasks for you. For this, please select the option "Event including moderator" before adding to cart. After your checkout we will get in touch within 1-2 working days to discuss the next steps and details. 


What is a Wilson & Oskar Audio Escape Game Event?

For a Wilson & Oskar Audio Escape Game Event, the participants dial into a conference call via phone and are then being guided through a captivating story, all audio only. 

What makes Wilson & Oskar Audio Escape game Events so exciting?

Using audio-only is an entirely new concept. The participants dial in via phone and are then being guided only via voice. On top of this, participants are enjoying some fresh air and some exercise. The event flow is maintained with a captivating story and with the well-thought moderator instructions the suspense is kept up.

Why are Wilson & Oskar Audio Escape Game Events so effective for teambuilding?

Our Audio Events were developed in a research cooperation with University of Applied Sciences RheinMain. They are designed in a way that requires the participants to work as a team and make joint decisions to reach a common goal. The structure of the individual challenges requires different personality types (driving, creativ, integrating, structuring) to combine their strengths. This increases team spirit and collaboration. 

    In case I have questions, how can I reach you?

    You can drop us a message in the chat, via email to orders@wilsonandoskar.com or directly via phone on 069 8720 7024. We're looking forward to it :).