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Welcome to Phil's Audio Experience, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO and passionate runner, mountain climber and sailor Philipp Güth.
On this podcast you'll find a mix of my own thoughts on business, personal- and self development, innovation and communication that I record originally for this audio experience as well as interviews with noteworthy individuals from a range of different backgrounds.
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Episode 4

How well did you last new year's resolution go? How strictly did you stick to your last plan for eating better? Today's episode is a practical guide for how you work towards your personal vision - starting today!

The key is to realize that having a great vision may actually be harmful to taking action because if WHAT you want to achieve is too great, it can feel impossible to achieve it. Instead, by focusing on the HOW, by incorporating the process of taking actions into your goals, you can take the steps necessary to change into the person you need to be for achieving your vision.

Episode 3

In this episode, John Metselaar, professor for "Leading & Living Innovation" at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management is taking us into volatile and uncertain environments, how innovation has changed over the past 30 years, how leaders should react to the new market conditions and how to develop innovations from ideation all the way up to scale - both from an operative as well as from a organizational and leadership perspective.

Episode 2

In this episode I do a quick recap a workshop I've hosted the other day on how to plan and manage consulting projects, manage expectations effectively and maintain efficiency throughout the project while overdelivering on the agreed results.


Episode 1

In today's episode I am interviewing Timo Holz, CEO of Fratello, an online luxury watch magazine. We are talking about Timo's career, how he makes decisions and when he relies on intuition for big moves, how he has been managing remote teams over the past decade and how talent from generation Y and Z can be found and convinced to join organizations. I'm excited for you to dive into the conversation and I hope you take something away from it.